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Overcoming Disease with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

One year after interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman for the iThrive Series, I had the pleasure of being able to sit down with him once more. Watch our interview above as we talk about my transformation and why he had only given me a 50/50 chance of recovery after our initial meet.

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Surviving My 32-Day Water Fast

After airing the iThrive series for the first time, I was committed to starting my plant-based journey. I knew from all of the incredible expert advice that I received that I needed to begin with a water fast. I jumped right in to a home water fast…and failed.

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Rising from the Depths of Cancer

Whole foods provide you with everything you need for a balanced and healthy diet. But what about the spices that add a bit of extra flavor to your meals? Turns out, there’s no shortage of plants that contain health-promoting properties. Take a look at this list of the top 5 herbs you should start eating today.

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