Anthony Lost 160 lbs!

In 2005, Anthony and his wife were expecting their second child. Wanting to put measures in place in case anything ever happened to him, Anthony applied for a 20 year term life insurance policy…and was denied. A company whose job it is to predict life expectancy didn’t expect him to live another 20 years.

Anthony knew why he was denied the policy. At only 33 years of age, he weighed 360 lbs with a 54 inch waist, was on high blood pressure medication, and was suffering from high cholesterol, eczema, and sleep apnea. In addition to the health struggles, Anthony was also dealing with the little things making his life uncomfortable, such as not being able to weigh himself on a bathroom scale or being acutely aware of everyone’s eyes on him as he made his way down an airplane aisle. However, the moment that truly changed his life happened at a carnival.

While enjoying a local carnival with his pregnant wife and their 18-month toddler, Anthony had an epiphany. His son saw a Thomas the Train ride and was bursting with excitement to ride it. When it came time for his son to get on, he pulled Anthony to go with him…but Anthony knew he wouldn’t be able to. Standing on the sidelines, watching as his wife and son enjoyed themselves on the train, Anthony thought to himself, “Is this the kind of father that I’m going to be? Is this the kind of husband that I’m going to be for my wife?” At that moment, Anthony knew he had no choice but to get healthy.

But how? Anthony wasn’t sure how to achieve the health results he wanted. In October of 2005, he set a New Year’s resolution to lose 50 lbs. Come January, he gave up sweets and soda, and kept himself hungry. After three months, he had lost zero weight.

It wasn’t until he discovered Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live book and adopted a plant-based diet that he started achieving his health goals. In just two months, he lost 30 lbs. The weight continued to fall off — averaging roughly 8 lbs/month, by December Anthony had surpassed his initial goal and ended up losing 90 lbs! He was taken off his blood pressure medicine, was no longer experiencing migraines, and was feeling better than ever before!

Anthony continued to make health part of his lifestyle. He kept eating optimum food and started incorporating running into his life. It wasn’t long before he was registering for 5K’s, and later competing in a half marathon. By September, Anthony had reached his ideal weight of 197 lbs and was thriving like never before!

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