Guess My Next BIG Challenge

HINT: There’s a clue hidden in the post below.

Do challenges motivate you?

They motivate me, but failing at one of my biggest challenges led to my sickness and almost to an early death.

In yesterday’s blog post you saw a video interview in which I shared about my BIG failure in business years ago.  That failure led to years of depression, isolation, food addiction, obesity and life-threatening diabetes.  

For years I hesitated to “get back in the game” of entrepreneurship, afraid to fail again… until I joined up with my iThrive business partner, Michael Skye (who you are going to get to know soon).

Together Michael and I took on the mountainous challenge of filming, producing and releasing the iThrive docuseries in just 6 months.  I risked my health and my life to make that docuseries, because I knew it could save lives.

And it has!

Many Thrivers in our iThrive community are achieving amazing results, reversing their diabetes and obesity–and thriving!

I’m one of them!  In the last 6 months I’ve lost 88 lbs and have reversed my diabetes and obesity (and I’m not done!).  

I feel I was able to achieve my results because of our growing iThrive family (YOU!).

Now I’m about to take on another daunting challenge, which I hope will further our cause of reversing diabetes and obesity on our planet.


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This next challenge is serious. I’ve got a knot in my chest thinking about. It may be too big.  Some people die doing this challenge, and in order to succeed I will have to reverse my neuropathy and become very physically fit in a short amount of time. I’m not sure if I can do it but I am going to move forward anyway – one step at a time.

I will be needing your help and inspiration for my next challenge.  I hope it inspires many others to embark on their own grand challenge.  Stay tuned for the details of fun ways you can participate!

Please take a guess at what you think my next BIG physical challenge will be in the comments below…