Josephine Is Reversing Diabetes!

Last year, Josephine made an appointment with her doctor for a routine check-up and to get updated lab work done. She didn’t anticipate the results that would follow.

Prior to her appointment, Josephine had been experiencing extreme thirst, intense inflammation from simple things like cutting her toenails or being mildly scratched by her cat, and incredible hunger with no weight gain. Being a retired nurse, Josephine knew what these symptoms were indicative of, but she was in denial until her doctor read her official diagnosis — she was a type 2 diabetic.

The diagnosis slapped her in the face. An A1c of 9.4, cholesterol at 501, and triglycerides just over 2400.

Josephine couldn’t believe she was a diabetic. After the initial shock wore off, she tried the keto diet for seven months as a means to reversing her diabetes. Despite her blood sugar lowering, she was unable to lower her numbers to where they needed to be for optimum health. She knew she needed another way. 

It wasn’t until she received an email from the iThrive Series about reversing diabetes with a plant-based diet that her life was transformed. Josephine watched every episode, absorbed all the information, and implemented everything she learned into her lifestyle, losing an additional 17 lbs after switching to a whole food plant-based diet.

A year after her diagnosis, Josephine is at her ideal body weight, has lowered her A1c to 5.7, lowered her cholesterol to 161, and has been taken off Metformin. Josephine is thriving!

What inspired you most about Josephine’s story?