Surviving My 32-Day Water Fast

After airing the iThrive series for the first time, I was committed to starting my plant-based journey. I knew from all of the incredible expert advice that I received that I needed to begin with a water fast. So, I jumped right in to a home water fast…and failed.


Every day I would try to fast but every day I would get hungry and let the temptations overcome me. I struggled with it so much that I actually reached out to Dr. Alan Goldhamer to see if I could figure out why I was having so much difficulty. Given the personality traits I have that make it incredibly difficult to lose weight, his advice for me was to participate in a medically supervised fast as True North Health Center.


Watch the video below to hear his advice for preparing for a supervised, water only fast.

I knew that a medically supervised fast was the right step for me. I couldn’t do it alone and having the support of trained professionals was going to help keep me on track and progressing toward my goal of reversing diabetes and obesity. But I was still nervous…


Before checking into True North I loaded up on the foods that got me here in the first place. It was a “last meal” of sorts before fully committing to this new lifestyle.  Even though this change was exactly what I wanted – and needed – to transform my life, I found myself nervous about the coming dopamine along with the potential crippling anxiety I had experienced before. Despite this, I was still excited about the challenge ahead and looking forward to how my body was going to transform. And transform it did!


Watch my video below for a check-in 10 days into my water fast. You’ll learn more about True North and how supervised fasting works and hear just how many pounds I lost in 10 days!

What started as a 12-day water fast ended up continuing on for another 20 days, followed by another month of WFPB meals! My 32-day water fast gave me incredible results. I lost weight, felt a surge in energy, and readjusted my taste buds so I no longer craved junk food.


Take a look at my transformation after 2 months!

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I know supervised fasts aren’t an option for everyone, but luckily there are ways you can implemented your own versions at home. Watch my interview with Dr. Goldhamer below and see what you can do today to help you get started in plant-based living and experience many of the same incredible health benefits from fasting as I did!

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